Post Delivery Recovery Treatment

1. Post Delivery Laser Vagina Tightening

As women age or after delivery of multiple children, the vaginal canal loses its tone and started to loosen. This results in a reduction in the sexual pleasure for the women and her partner.

Laser Vagina tightening (LVR) is the latest technology which is using fractionated laser beam to create minor injury at the vagina wall causing new collagen formation, tissue tightening and finally vagina wall tightening. The 10 minutes procedure is not painful without any major downtime except that one would need to refrain from sexual intercourse for 3 days after laser.

Compared to conventional open surgery method, laser vagina tightening is better because of :

a) Less recovery time

b) No side effect of surgery such as poor wound healing, infection or bleeding

c) Better partner satisfaction

d) Concurrently improve the skin tone over perineum

2. Post Delivery Uterus Care

Compared to traditional “Bertungku” which use hot stone to massage over the abdominal wall, our scientific uterus care is better because of:

• Traditional method may cause external burn to skin with the hot stone

• Our post delivery uterine care can be started immediately post Caesarean section operation whereas traditional method cannot be done over the Caesarean section wound

• Our uterine care produces consistent result which is not always the case for traditional method

• Traditional method depends on the experience of the executor, but we are using scientific machine to produce uterine care

• Our result is always reproducible, whereas traditional method result is not consistent and sometime not reproducible

• Traditional method is using some oil and herbs which may cause allergy reaction

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