DrGinny Signature Naturalle Hydralift (水光针)

DrGinny Signature Naturalle Hydralift combines the technology of mesotherapy, dermalift and hydralift to stimulate skin regeneration, deep skin hydration and repair. It is a lunch time procedure with minimal downtime. One can return to daily activity immediately after the treatment.

It is recommended for treatment of the following:

  • Ultimate skin hydration and glow
  • Stimulation dermal blood circulation and metabolism
  • Firming and toning of facial skin
  • Restructuring of aging skin
  • Repair of post-traumatic skin imperfections
  • Elimination of excessive pigment and create skin radiant and glow

  • During Treatment

    The treatment area will be cleaned by therapist and numb cream is applied to the treatment area for 30 minutes. A tailored made cocktail is formulated according to your needs. Dr Ginny will design a treatment plan according to your skin condition and the treatment is conducted in a sterile manner.

    Post Treatment

    There may be minimal redness over the treatment area, which usually subside within hours. You will feel your skin smoother, more hydrated and more glowing within a week post treatment. For optimal result, it is advisable to repeat the treatment at regular basis accordingly to your needs.

    Dr Ginny will assess your skin thoroughly and come out with a treatment protocol specially tailored to your skin condition. Our centre emphasize on individual tailored made treatment regime in order to give customer the best result with the highest satisfaction rate.

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