Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Wrinkles are caused by various factors include:

a) Photo-damage whereby sunlight causes oxidative stress to the facial tissue causing collagen breaks down and skin losses its elasticity.

b) Chronological aging manifested as a result of bone, muscle and fat resorption. These phenomenon causes shrinkage of facial volume, facial wrinkling, skin sagging. As we age, our skin become thinner, loss of elasticity, loss of moist and eventually appears wrinkling.

c) Skin degenerative diseases which causes excessive collagen and elastin break down, resulting in premature skin wrinkling and sagging

d) Smoking whereby the nicotin causes reduced blood flow to the skin tissue resulting in oxidative damage to the skin and eventually appear as wrinkles

Wrinkles can be widely categorized as:

1. Dynamic lines: the wrinkle which only appear when we have facial expression such as smile, frown, angry

2. Static lines: this is a type of permanent wrinkle which show up even when we are relaxed without facial expression. It even can appear like a facial groove if the volume loss is severe


1. Peptide injection, which mainly target dynamic line by relaxing the reacting muscle. This can eliminate or soften the common facial wrinkle like crow’s feet, frown line or glabellar line

2. Hyaluronic acid filler which helps to volumize the underlying facial fat pad which has deprived during aging. This can effectively restore the youthful appearance and achieving facial lifting effect

3. FractionalCO2 laser resurfacing which stimulate new collagen and elastin formation resulting in facial skin tightening which is long lasting

4. Platelet rich plasma treatment (PRP), which involve extracting own growth factor in the platelet to rejuvenate and regenerate new collagen, causing facial tightening, lifting and skin glowing.

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