Pimples, Scars & Pores

Pimples is very common among Asian population. Untreated pimples will end up with enlarged pores, depressed scars, ice pick cars, rolled scars and even box scars. Therefore it is very important for us to educate the public to treat pimples at the early stage to prevent all those complications.

Dr Ginny Ooi has special interest in the treatment of pimples and pigment. She emphasizes on both external treatment with skin care and medical grade machine as well as internal treatment with supplement, vitamins and lifestyle modifications.

Dr Ginny Ooi spend quality time with customers to know more about each individual customer and come out with a tailored made treatment plan specially for you.

Dr Ginny Signature Radiance Smooth Laser aims at:

1) Reduce pimples, red scar
2) Reduce open and close comedones which is the precursor for pimples
3) Reduce post inflammation hyperpigmentation (PIH)
4) Reduce enlarged pores
5) Reduce superficial scars

Before and After Photos:

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary

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