Hair Removal

The growth of body hair can be divided into 3 stages:
a) Anagen (active stage)
b) Telogen (domain stage)
c) Categen

Laser technology to be applied on hair in anagen stage, by stopping the growth from growing. In a single treatment, normally 60% of hair at Anagen stage, and only 15% - 20% from them manage to absorb the sufficient laser to treat the hair root for permanent hair removal. Those hair root will never growh again.

Dr Ginny is using the lastest technology for permanent hair removal, which is very effective and does not provide any side effect. At the same time, the treatment will provide whitening and smooting effect as well.

During Treatment:

Hair shall be shaved and clean. Gel will be applied on the skin surface. during treatent, the feeling shall be similar to the feeling hitting by rubber band.

After Treatment:

Skin redness may be form. Sufficient moisturizer and sun block shall be applied on the skin for optimum skin repair and rejuvenation.

Before and After Photos:

Armpit hair removal

Armpit hair removal, after 6x treatments

Body hair removal

Body hair removal, after 8x treatments

Leg hair removal

Leg hair removal

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary


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