Body Contouring

Have you been trying to dieting and exercising but it does not seem to work?

The basic for slimming is to create negative calorie intake by increasing energy consumption via exercise and reduce energy intake via dieting. If diet and exercise alone is not helping you to slim down, our centre has tailored made body contouring and slimming program which can help you to reduce the body circumference and improve body contouring.

Apart from liposuction surgery which carries substantial risk, there are a lot of other non-surgical but clinically proven treatment methods to achieve ideal body contouring

Dr Ginny Clinic compile an effective body contouring plan which is able to improve dermal blood flow, lymphatic drainage, stimulate the break down of stubborn fat to free fatty acid which is readily used during daily activities.

Drastic weight loss tends to cause sagging skin and cellulite formation. To avoid skin sagging and cellulite after weight loss program, we need to embark on the treatment plan which can tone up your skin by neo-collagenesis as well as creating skin lifting.

Our body contouring programme aims at lifting lax skin, improving cellulite and reducing excess fat. This can be done by various treatment plans which includes:

a) Radio frequency
b) Cryolipolysis
c) Mesolipo
d) Laser fat reduction

Combination treatments target different layer of fat cells which allow a holistic body contouring effect. Dr Ginny always emphasise on both internal and external balance to achieve the best result. Therefore the body contouring programme has to run hand in hand with balanced diet and exercise to ensure that the result is long lasting. Otherwise, the results will disappear with binge eating and sedentary lifestyle over time.

Come over to have detailed consultation with Dr Ginny Ooi for realistic expectation and long term maintenance plan. You will be amazed with the result that you are about to gain!

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