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DrGinny Signature Naturalle Hydralift achieves natural facelift with hydration and glow

People start to age from the age of 25, which starts with fine lines, followed by wrinkles, loss of volume and finally loss of density. Each individual ages at a different pace depending on the internal and external factor.

Internal factors: Genetics, Stress, Exercise, Sleep quality, Hormonal balance

External factor: Sun exposure, Free radicals, Dry environment, Skin Care

In order to reverse aging, we shall avoid the modifiable factors and embark on a holistic anti-aging program which aims at modifying both the internal and external factors to achieve ideal ultimate anti-aging.

During aging, people tend to lose fat causing deprived fat pad and sagging. Furthermore there is bone resorption as we age, causing facial sagging, facial groove and wrinkle. To reverse this aging process, we need to restore the fat pad, reposition the sagging fat pad and lift up the overlying skin. This can be done by various non invasive methods.

Dr Ginny Ooi will tailor made an anti-aging program which consists of supplement, vitamins and anti-oxidant internally and combination anti-aging treatment externally, in order to achieve holistic youth.

Treatments (Dr Ginny’s Ultra V Face Lift):

Dr Ginny Ulta V Face Lift consists of the below treatment:

1. Skin care which contain hyaluronic acid, peptides, amino acids, aminophil eye cream

2. DrGinny Signature Naturalle Hydralift design a tailor made cocktail to cater for the need of your skin. It can restore the moist, collagen, elastin and volume of your face, thus creating a natural youth restoration effect. It causes facial skin tightening, muscle remodelling and fat restoration. DrGinny Signature Naturalle Hydralift aims at natural face sculpting with improved skin hydration, density, texture and glow.

3. Radiofrequency device which uses deep fat heating principle to stimulate collagen remodeling, subcutaneous fat firming and results in facial lifting and tightening

4. Silhouette soft lift and thread lift which can reposition the sagging superficial fat pad, stimulate new collagen formation and resulting in facial lifting in a natural way

5. Filler (hyaluronic acid) injection to restore the superficial and deep fat pad and results in facial lifting and volumization

6. High focus ultrasound (HIFU) technology which causes injury at the SMAS layer, stimulating new tissue remodelling, which eventually resulting in facial lifting which looked natural and appealing

Dr Ginny will personally assess your face condition and tailor make a treatment plan which suites you most.

Before and After Photos:

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary

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